A moment to catch my breath

Well what a whirlwind of a month.

CPP must be on a rampage of denials because the phone and emails have been busy. Thank you to all who email me and are pleased with the information the website contains. I am glad that it is of help to you.

So what is new in CPP land?

Well interestingly, I can do an analytic report on who visits my website by location in the country and I was wondering if any of you would hesitate to guess where most of my visits are from?

Okay I find it odd because I do not get a lot of calls from that region - but yes indeed - the most visitors to this site come from Ottawa.  What do you make of that??

Anyway if you are reading this blog my friends in Ottawa - hello!

I still have much to write about but little time right now. In November the work load will decrease a little so I will blog some more then. Take Care. Allison