Appeal Volumes to the Social Security Tribunal

Today I received a phone call from a lady who had got correspondence from the Social Security Tribunal.  She advised me that her appeal number at the Social Security Tribunal was 202X. I am not going to identify the last number for privacy concerns - but that means that the appeals are now over 2000 since inception of the Social Security Tribunal on April 1, 2013.

This does not take in to account the legacy appeals that came over from the Review Tribunal numbering approximately 7000.

It is imperative that you get help if you are in this appeal system.  I am in the process of preparing more resources for the website so hang in there.


It's just a matter of volume. No it's a disgrace.

I have been pestering staff at the Social Security Tribunal for a while now.  There are numerous reasons why but here are my short list of concerns for the Feds who are reading this blog.

1. APPEAL FILES NOT RECEIVED.  I have sent off appeals to the Social Security Tribunal in April and May, 2013 and still have not got a copy of the Social Security Tribunal appeal file.  It is now six months gone and I have had no acknowledgment that an appeal has been received.  I am unable to review the file to determine how to help the client - where is the due process here?

2.  DUPLICATION OF REQUESTS FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION   I have been sent letters requesting information on a file in order to complete an appeal - when I have already sent the information that they are requesting.

3.  SENDING INFORMATION TO CLIENTS THAT SHOULD BE SENT TO ME.  Sending clients information when it should be sent to me causes the client distress  - read the file.

4.  NO APPEAL DATES HAVE BEEN SCHEDULED.  What are the Social Security Tribunal members doing and being paid for?


THE INFORMATION LINE IS NOT WORKING.  I have heard from numerous people that the information line is useless and not giving any information. People are not getting the information that they need and phoning back in three days is not acceptable.


I have been told the delays are due to a matter of volume.  Huh - didn't they figure out what the volume would look like when they transferred approximately 7000 legacy files over from the old Review Tribunal and the fact that the Feds are denying 62% of the applications that come through the door - did they think the volume would drop off????????

I am getting phone calls and emails from aggravated clients who are now waiting years to get a hearing and to get their case sorted. I think it is a disgrace that Canadians who have paid in to CPP for years are being treated this way and made to wait and endure this system.

If it is a matter of volume then hire the staff to handle the volume.  Why should regular folk suffer due to lack of foresight from the government bureaucrats?

Today I am steaming - it has been a hard day handling phone calls of people who are desperate to have their matter dealt with. Where is the due process in this system?!  The Feds are just making the appellants sicker due to stress and depression.