Electronic record management difficulties at the Social Security Tribunal

For months now, I have been submitting electronic versions of the SST Notice of Appeal, Authorizations, and additional documents to the Social Security Tribunal. This is the recommended method of submission that the Social Security Tribunal has requested on their weibsite and is supposed to be efficient and timely in the management of documentation.


I have discovered that over the last several months (at least six) that documents, notice of appeals. authorizations, and various other items electronically submitted in some cases (I do not know how many) have been fire-walled out by the government's computer system sending it to "quanrantine" and that the SST have not been advised that there are emails waiting for them and after 30 days the documents are deleted.

I had discovered this issue, when I had contacted the SST in follow up as I had not heard on a specific appeal acknowledgment.  As it had been many months I was concerned.  I had assumed that due to backlogs that this was the reason for the delay but on a hunch I decided to follow up.  The appeal was sent electronically as per the preferred method of submission by the SST.  I scanned and emailed the documents, I received a confirmation email from the SST that my documents had been received.  I keep a hard copy of the submissions, along with the confirmation emails, each time that I do this transaction.

When I heard back on my enquiry I was asked to submit documentation so the SST could check their records.  I then received a call stating that my Notice of Appeal document had been sent to quarantine and deleted after 30 days.

Okay so you can imagine my complete and utter disbelief that I have been relying on this system of electronic submission for months and now I am told whoops we have a bugaboo.

Now I have no idea how many appeals have been registered - how many documents were received, what has been lost, what the hell the is going on - what a veritable nightmare.

Thankfully I have paper documents and copies of any thing that I have submitted as well as electronic receipts from the SST - please note however, that I have been advised that I would receive an electronic receipt even if the email went to quarantine. 

I have not said anything about this because I felt that SST should have a chance to remedy this situation - however, this week another two of my appeals have appeared to have been sent to quarantine and deleted.

There has to be a better freaking system that this - this is not working.

Now for those out there who have made an appeal electronically on their own or sent additional documents electronically please do not rely on the electronic confirmation and check in with the SST that your documents have been received.  As well, make sure everytime you communicate with the SST electronically that you SAVE all the communications of any type.

A mess to be sure.


The issue with CPP disability contributions



This story broke my heart.  It is a story I hear all too often.  Denied due to lack of contributions because life takes turns and the CPP disability rules appear not to take that life happens in to account.

This man has a MQP of December 2011 based on contributions he had made for many years to CPP.  But, lecause of life's circumstances and the compassion of this man to care for his family, his limited income during a two year period resulted in non-contributory years and as a result he not qualify for CPP disability after the December 2011 time frame.

This situation keeps on happening - it is time for the government to make some sort of accommodation.  How can a man who has worked his entire life, but because of life circumstances has disqualified himself from getting a CPP Disability benefit?

Mr and Mrs Thompson thank you for speaking out.