CPP Social Security Tribunal - Notice of Readiness

Please understand this document that will be sent to any person who was waiting for an CPP appeal at the old Review Tribunal level or who has to appeal to the new Social Security Tribunal.

The new Social Security Tribunal rules now require that every party to the appeal must sign a Notice of Readiness indicating that they are ready to proceed - and only after this document is signed will the Social Security Tribunal move to the next step which is processing and scheduling your appeal. 

No one should sign this document unless they are completely comfortable that they have all the information they wish to present, and have taken all the steps necessary to get this information in order to have their case considered.  You have 365 days from the date your appeal is received by the Social Security Tribunal to sign the Notice of Readiness.

As I have said in prior blog entires - I have concerns about this process for numerous different reasons.  Circumstances can change in the blink of an eye - new medical tests can discover diagnoses that were not on the table before, it can take a long time to get a medical appointment, Minimum Qualifying Period dates can change - working in this process now for as long as I have - situations,  especially disability are ever-changing.  So if you wait the year - in order to get all the information you need to establish you are disabled - how much longer are you going to have to wait after that to get an appeal?

Alot of the individuals I work with may not understand the importance of the document, the Notice of Readiness that they are signing.  I am afraid there is little transperancy when it comes to dealing with the CPP disability process.  How is an person, without understanding the rules of the game, expected to know whether they have submitted all of the information they should in order to be ready for an appeal?

How is paper documentation going to quantify the experience of subjective symptoms - like pain or mood or fatigue?

Okay I think it is going to take a while before appeals at the Social Security Tribunal are going to be heard.  It is a time of transition.  So in the meantime, it is critically important that you review your appeal documentation that was sent to you by the old Review Tribunal office or CPP disability and check to see what documents are included.  Also look for information about your MQP - remember that is your MAGIC DATE  - it is located throughout your file - usually December of a given year.  You need to make sure you have collected information to establish your disability from your MQP to present. 

Contact me if you need further clarification.  As I am not travelling for a while you can call me in the office or send me an email.