Social Security Tribunal - Please address these delays

I am speaking with a client who has been forced in to Consumer Protection with the bankruptcy process because he has been waiting since April 2011 for CPP disability benefits.  He has been denied twice and has been waiting to be heard at the old Review Tribunal and now at the Social Security Tribunal.

That is a three year wait so far.

I had sent over all the documents - the case has been ready to proceed and yet I have not had even an acknowledgment that the documents collected on his file and sent to the Social Security Tribunal were received.

I sent these documents in early fall.

This is unacceptable and what the heck is going on there?  This is not an isolated incident - I have a list of 20 files that I have sent documents over that have not been acknowledged nor have they been responded to.   I have sent in numerous documents and nothing has been responded to - who is running this place?

It is not just me that is frustrated - I hear the department is as well.  All these documents that the SST want to control, yet they are missed and not sent, not acknowledged, and just not part of files. Read my last blog, that necessitated an email to The Chairperson before I knew what was going on in this file. 

At the time that I emailed The Chairperson of the SST, I also requested documents including policy and procedure manuals,  because from my view point,  the SST seem to be making up process as they go along - I requested these from The Chairperson of the SST and as yet I have had no follow up on these.  Another tilt to the playing field especially with these Members seem to "have discretion" over everything.  This particular case, I was advised that the Member "has discretion" to accept or not accept documents - when clearly as far as I see this is not indicated any where in any rule or regulation - which is why I request a copy of the rules the SST were following.  I would also like to know - how an appeal board - could possibly veto documents that might support a client's appeal - what right do they have to do so - is that justice - is that fair - is that giving a client due process? 

They have stated that this is a "transition year" - so what? Do all these people who are now requesting consumer protection for their debts get to excuse the delayed payment on their debts because it is a transition year at the SST?  What a load of rubbish.

Please if you have been denied and you are either waiting for an appeal to be heard at the SST, or if you are at the Reconsideration stage - get help because quite frankly you do not want to be at the end of consumer protection proceedings.

This government sucks.