Some More Information

Here is a link to some further discussion in Parliament about the new Social Security Tribunal.

There is confirmation in this discussion by HRSDC that the appeals that are currently in the existing system will stay under the existing system and that new appeals received after April 1, 2013 will be heard by the new Social Security Tribunal. At least that is what I read. I will cut and paste this for those who do not wish to review the whole evidence piece.

The Chair:

"I just want to clarify a couple of things. I very much like the idea in terms of combining. You mentioned April 1, 2013. That's when the new tribunal will be up and operating, correct? I think probably the only concern one would have on this is the transition period between them coming together. Can you just address that?

Exactly how are you going to do the transition to ensure that it is seamless, so that for people who have something currently in the process when that switchover happens, it will be seamless for them?

11 a.m.

Director General, Policy, Quality and Appeals Directorate, Department of Human Resources and Skills Development

Sue Foster

They'll phase out. So new appeals coming into the systems effective April 1, 2013, will go into the social security tribunal system, whereas those already in the system will continue in the existing system.

The new tribunal will open its doors in April 2013, as I mentioned. The existing tribunals will continue to hear and consider cases that are in their system at that time to ensure that it's seamless for clients

The Chair

So they'll finish them.

Okay. That's the clarification I wanted.