Some Updates and Information

I cannot believe it is June 5th and the last entry I made was April 1st.  It has been a very busy two months.

My time has been consumed moving the office as well as managing all of the recent appeals and the push that the Minister has been undertaking to ensure that the backlog of cases at the Social Security Tribunal would be eliminated by August 2015.

I still think that is a very big stretch, but definitely most of the legacy cases that came over from the Review Tribunal have either been settled or are on their way to be scheduled by the Social Security Tribunal.  Based on my recent experience, I believe that they are starting to work on the appeals that were filed in 2013.

I had the great pleasure of hosting the Social Security Tribunal Chair and her colleague at my office here in Saskatchewan.  They both came a great distance to meet with the stakeholders here in Saskatchewan, and it was a very positive meeting.  Madame Chair shared the work that the Social Security Tribunal have undertaken in order to ensure a good appeal experience for the Appellant.  I believe that Madame Chair and her staff are working their very best to ensure that the Tribunal is efficiently run and despite the rocky start they have had, I am finally feeling a lot more positive that the Tribunal is getting on to stable footing.  It is very unfortunate that they were dumped on to begin with all the back logged appeals and that was very poorly planned from a Ministerial perspective - and hat's off to Madame Chair and her staff who have had to plow on through.  I do feel much more confident - it is a relief to say that.

I have also shared with Madame Chair my appreciation to the Social Security Tribunal members.  I have been able to attend a lot of hearings and would like to say that those I have recently attended have been excellently managed.  I would particularly like to compliment the most recent Chairs this last week.  The hearings were a very comfortable experience for the Appellants and greatly appreciated.