Still learning after all this time.

This week marks my 14th year of running the clinic.

I was so vain as to think that I really understood the procedures and the CPP program well - and you know I do - but there appears situtations to me that I really do not have any idea how to answer people's questions.

I ask them have they phoned the 1-800 number - you know "Service Canada" - and they laugh at me. They tell me that they receive different information depending on the time they call - and then it is an insufferable amount of holding time before you are connected - well I suppose we cannot complain too much - I mean some of the 1-800 numbers I call are off shore and at least "Service Canada" remains in Canada - but any way I digress!

Okay so I have some pretty good contacts within the department - well I thought I did - because I have sent several emails to CPP managers, as well as called CPP regional officers - only to be told to phone the 1-800 number! Yeah okay....

Anyway I am back to trying to wade through enormous amounts of procedures to find policy and answers to questions that half the time I think do not exist - or maybe they exist in one region but not another.

So my recourse is the Freedom Of Information Act, then I have things in black and white and concrete answers to my questions that do not forget relate to Canadians in the public - not cause I am out of a whim trying to find information for my own jollies.

Maybe the Feds are pissed at me cause I am "outing" them - and hello to all you bureaucrats who are reading the blog.

So yes there are clients that appear that have unique situations that I am very interested in finding out the answers - and I often get ideas for the blog from CPP recipients - so thanks and keep them coming. I will try and find out the answers to your questions the answers that you are advised to get from "Service Canada".