When will you get an appeal at the Social Security Tribunal?

Everyday I am inundated with emails and phone calls from individuals, doctors, and insurance companies asking when their appeals will be heard at the Social Security Tribunal.  Each day the emails and calls become more desperate.  At first I was able to explain the process that happened at the changeover and was able to advise these people, that the delays were due to a transition year at the Social Security Tribunal.

Now a full year has past and still there is no end in sight in terms of the wait  - and in fact the back logs and delays are getting worse.

Every day I feel the pressure of these individuals who are waiting - and I understand the difficulties they are facing and how their needs are not being met.

I am asked what the client can do - when they phone the Social Security Tribunal they are given no answers as to when they can expect their appeals will be heard - and when I email or call I also receive the same song and dance.

My only suggestion is to go to your Member of Parliament - and advise them that you wish to obtain a Ministerial Enquiry in to the appeal delay.  A Ministerial Enquiry is required to be addressed when it is submitted.  A Ministerial Enquiry is made by an Member of Parliament and submitted to the Minister responsible for the Social Security Tribunal which falls under the Employment Social Development Services and the Minister is Jason Kenney.  I would say to your Member of Parliament that the delays have been unacceptable and that you wish to be advised to the status of your appeal.

It is my hope that with enough Ministerial Enquiries landing on the Minister's desk that perhaps they will become aware that this process is not serving the appellants as it was promised it would.