Following Up

On March 6, 2018 I wrote a blog entry about the problems that I had encountered recently.  I would like to follow up and say that I have had NO RESPONSE to my letters of concern from the senior administration of the program. 

I had reached out regarding the unfair adjudication practices and the routine denial of the appellants without waiting for the submission of their appeal documentation. 

I clearly outlined what had happened with two specific cases and advised that this was happening and CRICKETS..............

Today I have made at least seven calls to the 1-800-277-9914 number to try to obtain information for clients who are struggling to find out what is happening with their CPP disability applications - when I say struggling I mean unable to pay their bills and afford their medications.  I have been unable to get through due to increased call volumes.  This has happened all day. I continue to receive calls from Canadians who are trying to get service and who continue to be unable to get through.  What is wrong with the call centre???