Social Security Tribunal Appeal Time Lines

If you are denied at reconsideration and you find yourself appealing to the General Division of the Social Security Tribunal you are going to be in for a lengthy wait before your appeal is heard.

The average throughput time for an appeal hinges on a variety of contributing factors including the complexity of the appeal - but the majority of the clients will wait 517 DAYS

That is almost seventeen months which is outrageous in my opinion.  Can you imagine that you have made an application to CPP disability - it takes 4 months for a decision - you are denied - then you request an appeal and it takes another 6 months - so you could be waiting over two years before a final decision is rendered.

DCAC has close to 90 percent success rate.  CPP disability denies over 50% of initial applications.  This statistics identify why it is important to get help as soon as you can in the application process to avoid these types of delay and to have a much greater chance of being successful.