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Service Canada Frustrations

This is the problem with call centres - whether they be Service Canada (?) or the Information Line (?) at the Social Security Tribunal.

I am trying to get information about a client's file - I have all the written consents that I need.

The first agent well all she wanted to do was talk over me, and tell me that I could not be told the information I needed despite having consent - and having called them many many times.  This is not my first rodeo lady.  In the end I asked to be put through to another agent - only to be put back in the line and waiting.......

The secord agent - shout out to Susan - was excellent - and gave me the information I needed right away.  However, she did tell me that they can only spend 6 minutes on each call - and that is why many times they appeared stressed and rushed on the phone.  Six minutes - what the hell - what if you are a senior or a person with a disability who takes time to process information?  I do not get this government - the calls are timed and if they are not within the six minutes they can lose their jobs - that is what I was told today.

As for the Information Line at the SST - a client called yesterday and told me she had waited three days for a call back - and of course she was out at a medical appointment when the call came - but there was no number given so she can find out the information that she needs - so what she has to call back aqnd wait another three days sitting by the phone?  That's just crazy.

So you get no service from Service Canada - you get no information from the Information Line. and a client cannot get an appeal from the Social Security Tribunal.

2015 cannot come soon enough.


Social Security Tribunal appeals received 2014

It is almost the middle of the year and yesterday I received a document which indicated that the appeal number at the Social Secuirty Tribunal for 2014 was appeal 14-20XX

This appears to mean that the Social Security Tribunal have received another 2000 appeals so far this year.

From review of previous statistics obtained under the freedom of information act - there were usually around 3000 appeals received each year by the old Review Tribunal.


I am just wondering how there is going to be any progress made on the delays and backlogged appeals.  At more than 7000 legacy appeals - we can say that represents two years of back logged work - then they will have 2013 appeals backlogged - and then another 2000 received in 2014. 

The math does not add up - and I worry that if there is preassure to move these appeals  - that they are not going to be given the due consideration and time that they should - in order to make the right decision.

I know there have been many people who are writing to their MPs to see if they can get some movement on their appeals - I hope this will help and there is an example of the letter to write on this blog.


Yesterday there was another stupid denial from CPP disability - time to turn the attention on to why the Social Security Tribunal are receiving all these appeals - it is because CPP is denying clients that should not be?





More News to Share CPP Social Security Tribunal


Thank you for all the calls, emails, texts  I appreciate the support.

Thanks to your efforts the Globe and Mail story was shared over 1400 times.

Please keep going - please keep writing the letters to the MPs.


Listen Tomorrow Morning

CBC Radio in Regina 5askatchewan tomorrow at 7.45am as well as daily through the radio news and on the evening television news.

It is 540am for Saskatchewan listeners - and you will be able to hear online streaming at

I am so happy that finally this untolerable situation is starting to come to light.

Please know I have no beef with the staff at the SST - it is the system that the Feds have created that has created these issues.

It is my intention to help the clients who are waiting and who call me in despair daily - I am not out to disparage anyone.


NDP news release

2014 06 13

Conservative Social Security mismanagement leaves thousands scrambling

The Conservatives have grossly mismanaged the transition to the new Social Security Tribunal, leaving thousands of Canadians waiting months—without income—before eventually receiving a hearing.

“The Conservatives took an appeal system that was working and completely broke it,” said Jinny Sims (Newton–North Delta), NDP critic for Employment and Social Development. “They had more than a year to prepare for this transition, yet Conservative mismanagement means we’ve ended up with a Tribunal that isn’t fully staffed and has hardly held any hearings.”

Statistics released today reveal that the Income Security Section heard only 178 appeals in its first year. At this pace, it will take 9.5 years to hear all current income security appeals—without taking into account any new appeals.

“There are more than 9,000 Canadians waiting for a CPP or OAS hearing,” added Sadia Groguhé (Saint-Lambert), NDP deputy critic for Employment and Social Development. “These are disabled Canadians and seniors who have little or no income and need to pay bills and buy groceries. They can’t wait years for this government to get its act together.”

And the questions:

   Mme Sadia Groguhé (Saint-Lambert, NPD): Monsieur le Président, des milliers de Canadiens n'ont pas accès aux prestations d'invalidité en raison de la mauvaise gestion des conservateurs. Certaines personnes attendent depuis plus d'un an d'être entendues par le Tribunal de la sécurité sociale en raison du manque de juges-arbitres.


    Au rythme où vont les choses, même si le tribunal n'avait aucun nouveau dossier à traiter, ça prendrait neuf ans avant que la machine ne reprenne le dessus et c'est inacceptable.


    Le ministre trouve-t-il normal que des gens décèdent avant d'avoir accès aux prestations auxquelles ils ont droit?


Mr. Scott Armstrong (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Employment and Social Development, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the Social Security Tribunal started its operations on April 1, 2013 and received higher than anticipated caseloads from the legacy tribunals. These income security legacy cases are all deemed ready to proceed as of April 1, 2014, according to the regulations. The SST is giving top priority to these legacy cases.


Mme Sadia Groguhé (Saint-Lambert, NPD): Monsieur le Président, la section de la sécurité du revenu ne compte que 35 juges-arbitres et elle doit faire face à un retard accumulé de 3 700 dossiers. En éliminant le recours aux 1 000 juges-arbitres à temps partiel, le gouvernement conservateur a amplifié la crise. Les plus démunis sont, encore une fois, les premières victimes de la négligence et de l'incurie de ce gouvernement.


    Quelles mesures d'urgence le gouvernement entend-il prendre pour faire face aux méga-cafouillage que l'on connaît au Tribunal de la sécurité sociale?


Mr. Scott Armstrong (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Employment and Social Development, CPC): Mr. Speaker, as I said, the Social Security Tribunal is dealing with these legacy cases that were left over from previous tribunals. We have taken steps to make sure that we are aligned in this process from coast to coast to coast so we can have consistency in the decisions that are made.


   Mr. Mike Sullivan (York South—Weston, NDP): Mr. Speaker, Conservatives are turning their backs on disabled Canadians across the country and gutting services that people rely on. Thousands of Canadians who have been denied disability benefits are still waiting for a hearing. As of last April, there were 1,000 fewer referees hearing appeals. The tribunal now has a backlog of 10,000 cases, and only managed to hear 348 appeals last year.


    It is a great example of the Conservatives breaking something that did not need fixing. Why did the Conservatives create a tribunal that is designed to fail?


Mr. Scott Armstrong (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Employment and Social Development, CPC): Mr. Speaker, I am not sure. We fixed a problem because we wanted to make sure that there was consistency among decisions from coast to coast to coast. Now, with the new Social Security Tribunal, we do have a case of backlogs that were left from the previous legacy tribunals. These are being cleared. As of April 1, 2014, these cases are now being heard. We are going to clear up the backlog.


Mme Isabelle Morin (Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Lachine, NPD): Monsieur le Président, ce n'est pas vrai que le problème est réglé, Quand c'est le temps de piger dans nos poches, les conservateurs trouvent ça bien facile, mais, quand c'est le temps de verser aux citoyens les prestations qui leur reviennent, ça devient compliqué. Pensons seulement aux difficultés pour accéder au Supplément de revenu garanti ou aux crédits d'impôt pour personnes handicapées. Ce sont toujours les plus démunis qui sont les premières victimes du gouvernement conservateur. Que va faire le gouvernement pour redresser la situation au Tribunal de la sécurité sociale et pour s'assurer que ceux qui ont cotisé au régime de pension accèdent aux prestations d'invalidité auxquels ils ont droit?


Mr. Scott Armstrong (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Employment and Social Development, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the SST and the government are committed to providing fair, credible and impartial appeal processes in a timely manner to those people who apply. The SST is an independent administrative tribunal. It operates at arm's length from the department.


    The department and the SST are now putting these legacy cases at the top of the priority list. We are going to clear up that backlog.


Thousands awaiting appeals before Social Security Tribunal


Thank you to Gloria Galloway of the Globe and Mail for taking the time to listen, investigate, and write this story.  This illustrates the unjustifiable position thousands of people who are waiting for CPP Disability appeals are in.

Please share this story with your networks.  Please write Letters to the Editors putting forward your thoughts.  Please email this story to your MPs.  Please contact your local newspapers and talk-back radio shows.

It is an absolute disgrace that 10, 000 people in Canada who have paid in to Canada Pension Plan have had this new appeals system foisted on them - which we were told would be more efficient and transperant, and easier for clients to manage. 



How long are you going to wait for a hearing at the Social Security Tribunal?

This is the question I am asked daily. 

I can provide you with the following information.  The Tribunal are currently working on the oldest "legacy" cases that have come over from the old Review Tribunal.  These are appeals numbered in the 113's and 114's - the last legacy cases were numbered in the 125's.  If you are an appeal that was received by the tribunal in 2013 or 2014,  all of the "legacy appeals" are going to be heard first.  If you can demonstrate a reason why your appeal should be heard on an emergant basis - if you have a terminal illness maybe then maybe your appeal will be heard sooner.  If you have financial hardship, you will have to demonstrate this - and it is likely that most of the appellants are in financial hardship.

The Tribunal will be tackling the oldest cases first and these appellants in the 113's and 114's likely applied for Canada Pension Plan disability in 2009 - 2010. 

It is going to take some time for these files to make their way to appeal as they have 90 days when a Tribunal Member gets the file and schedules a hearing, to ensure that all documents are received - so this means any files assigned to a Member in June may not have hearings until September or October.  It is my understanding that the Tribunal will have to handle these appeals in  "chunks at at time" so they are manageable for the Tribunal Members.

So if you have a legacy appeal you can imagine if you are in the 120-125 you are going to be waiting a very long time.

One hope is that Canada Pension Plan agrees to settle the case so that an appeal is not necessary, however, all information still has to go through the Social Security Tribunal as this is where the file is currently managed.  So if you have an appeal that is a legacy case- or any case for that matter - it is very important to make sure that you appeal is prepared and all information is submitted - perhaps the Feds will conceed.

I also wonder if it might be smart to withdraw your appeal and reapply to CPP disability as it may not take as long to have your application adjudicated - but then you have to consider that you will lose all of your arrears payments - plus there is the 62 percent denial rate - plus there is no guarantee that your new application would be allowed and then you are back where you started.  It is an very hard decision to make.

Now I have mentioned the denial rates at CPP disability - so it is more important than ever that you put together a complete application - that you do not leave this to chance - that you get help with this.  If you are denied and need to get a reconsideration - then you are plain out foolish to try and do this alone - especially given the situation I have described.




Requesting a Ministerial Enquiry


This link will help you identify your Member of Parliament using your postal code.

Clients have been asking what they can do in order to find out answers regarding their appeals.  My suggestion is that you contact your Member of Parliament and ask them to do a Ministerial Enquiry concerning the delays on your file.

I would email or write them using this format:


The Honourable (Name of MP)

Member of Parliament (riding/constituency)

Consituency office address



Dear MP,


My name is (add full name ) I am writing as one of your constituents since (date of residence) and would like to seek your assistance.

I have been denied Canada Pension Plan disability benefits and I am currently waiting for an appeal at the Social Security Tribunal.  I have been waiting for an appeal to be heard since (add date).

Despite sendng in numerous medical reports and submissions outlining my reasons for qualify under the Canada Pension Plan disabiity legislation, I have yet to have my appeal heard, nor have I received information indicating that the documents I have submitted have been received.  I am unable to get information from the Social Security Tribunal and my requests for information have gone unanswered.

As a result of this I am unable to afford my medication, and I an under extreme financial hardship.

My file number is (Social Insurance Number)

My Date of Birth is:

I seek your assistance in this matter and I am requesting your office submit a Ministerial Enquiry.  I understand that your office is able to contact Employment and Social Development Canada on my behalf to determine the status of my appeal.  It is my understand that the Social Security Tribunal have significant delays and I ask for an explanation from Minister Kenney as to how these backlogs are going to be managed?  I am asking for a time line so I may know when my appeal will be heard.

Please feel free to contact me should you need any more details or information.

Yours truly,




Telephone Number


The Minister responsible for Canada Pension Plan and the Social Security Tribunal is:

The Honourable Jason Kenney

House of Commons

Ottawa, On

K1A 0A6


Phone:  1-613-992-2235

Fax:  1-613-992-1920





No Answers from the Social Security Tribunal

Today I have had numerous phone calls from clients asking me when they will get an appeal at the Social Security Tribunal.  These people are unable to afford the medication they need, as well as the medical equipment reuired because of their disabilities.  I have sent in numerous submissions to the Social Security Tribunal that have not been acknowledged - and I have no idea whether the information is even being sent to Canada Pension Plan.

I have client submissions that have been sent from CPP disability - stupid denials - stupid because they clearly ignore the information that has been submitted to them - and they continue to maintain the denial despite numerous medical reports supporting disability - this forces the clients to have to rebutt their position and then they are not told for months at a time what the response is to their rebuttal.

Canada Pension Plan Disability should adopt the motto - DENY, DELAY, DEFEND.........  seems appropriate.

The tactic appears to be to deny appeals despite medical support, to delay the response to the clients so they starve them on to provincial disability if they qualify (and in to bankruptcy many times). and to defend their position with ridiculous submissions forcing clients to continue to respond and send in paper work straining their relationships with their doctors when they throw up their hands and say they do not know want to do - the continual denials cost the health care system and many of these clients have no money to get the medical information they need - so the big Federal government wins again when the little guy throws up his hands and cries Uncle.

Please people get help - you do not want to be stuck appealing to the Social Security Tribunal as the delays are unimaginable.  Do not give up - make sure you do what you can to submit information at the initial application and for sure the reconsideration.

To the CPP Adjudicator who told me "that we need people like you" I appreciate it - seems this staff member understands the CPP disability motto.

Arrgh Frustrated.