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This whitepaper provides an overview of our CPP Disability Advocacy services.

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How successful is DCAC?
We thoroughly review all Canada Pension Plan cases before we agree to represent an appellant. Therefore, if DCAC agrees to take your case, you can be confident in the knowledge that we believe your appeal has merit.

DCAC is also a well recognized organization and the officials at the various levels of appeal are usually aware of our services, we have a good reputation.

DCAC is confident when they state that all efforts to win your claim will be undertaken, however, there are always unknown variables to any appeal. For the most part DCAC has an excellent success rate.
Is DCAC Inc a free service?
How does DCAC represent clients across the country when Head Office is in Saskatchewan?
I used to be at work but I have been staying at home to raise my children. I am now disabled. Can I get CPP disability benefits?
How long do I have to wait after becoming disabled before I can apply for CPP disability benefits?
I am still on sick leave from my employer. Can I file for CPP disability now or do I have to wait until my sick leave is exhausted?
What is the definition of disability used by Canada Pension Plan?
Are there different types of CPP disability benefits?
How do I apply for CPP disability benefits?
What if I am terminally ill - are there special procedures?
I am disabled but I have money in the bank. Do I have to wait until this money is gone before I apply for CPP disability?
How can I tell if I will be found disabled by CPP disability?
I have several health problems but not one of them disables me. It is the combination of health conditions that disable me. Can I get CPP disability benefits?
What are the most common reasons why people are denied CPP disability?
Does CPP consider my age, education, and station in life in determining whether or not I am disabled?
There is high unemployment and no jobs available where I live. Are Socio-economic factors considered by Canada Pension Plan disability?
What are Villani, Inclima, Rice, and Angheloni?
What does Mitigation mean?
Is there a list of illnesses that Canada Pension Plan consider disabling?
What can I do to improve my chances of winning my CPP disability claim?

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